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Paul Dortkamp, 928 owner and President of the Porsche Club of New South Wales - Landsharkoz, home of the Porsche 928 in Australia
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928 Australia - Articles

Welcome to the articles page. Including stories 'tall and true' about our Aussie frenzies, personal experiences of 928 ownership and glowing reports and various excerpts from Automotive magazines.

If you have anything you would like to add to this page, a great story, a miraculous day out, something you found in a magazine or anything 928 related, please contact me. Leonard Zech - email:

Development of the 928
by Phil Tong

Events and Activities

Canberra Frenzy 2013
by Leonard Zech

Apple Tree Bay Frenzy 2010
by Leonard Zech

Hall's Gap Frenzy 2010
by Alan & Lynda Galt

Yarra Valley Frenzy 2010
by Lynda & Alan Galt

Wings Over Illawarra 2010
by Leonard Zech & Frank Nieuwenhuis

Paul Muras - Concours 928S'

by Sam Smith from JUST CARS Magazine

The Great Tasmanian Frenzy of 2006
by Shane Navin

by John Pitman

928 Driver Training Day
by Stuart greaves

Lorne Frenzy
by Rick Heaney

Braidwood Mini-Frenzy
by Frank Nieuwenhuis

Flemington Show 'n Shine
by Des Aldridge

Lorne run was great!
by Jon Riddett

Amicale 928 meet
by Greg Powzun

Jim Alderson, tells me more
by Jim Alderson

Third Annual 928 Frenzy - USA
by Ed Ruiz

Open Road Racing our Porsche 928
by Susan Kirby & Marc Thomas


Magazine Excerpts

(from the NMAA website)

Bubble-backed and built for speed
by Dan Oakes

Excerpt from the Juan Barth article
from Mark Edwards (in the November '911 & Porsche World' magazine)

928 versus 996
(courtesy '911 and Porsche World' magazine)

Definitive 928
from Stuart Greaves (excerpt from 'Car & Driver' magazine - 197

928 Frenzies

Portland Nelson Frenzy
by Brian Lineker

Port Macquarie Frenzy, 2007

by Frank'N

Toowoomba Frenzy, Oct 21st, 2007
by PeterC

Alpine Autumn Frenzy '04 Report
by Mike Kelly

Third Perth Frenzy
by Gary Faas

Great Southern Frenzy
by Bruce Wilson

Palm Beach Frenzy
by Frank'N

25th Anniversary Holiday
by Gary Faas

Mt Macedon Frenzy
by Mike Kelly

Second Perth Frenzy
by Gary Faas

New South Wales Inaugural 928 Frenzy
by Leonard Zech

The Second New South Wales 928 Frenzy
by Stuart Greaves

The Third New South Wales 928 Frenzy
by Leonard Zech

The Seventh 928 Frenzy - Bathurst
by Leonard Zech

The Ninth 928 Frenzy
reports from landshark members

Inaugural Melbourne Frenzy
by John Riddett

Second Melbourne Frenzy
by Jon Riddett

Frenzy 10 Reports
by the landshark participants

Personal Stories

NE Tasmania by Porsche
by Jeff Gilbert

Welcome to another convert

A Street Car Named Desire
by Paul Muras

A Lap of Bathurst in a 928 GT
by Shane Navin

Paul Dortkamp at Wakefield Park with the PCNSW
by Paul Dortkamp

by Robin Gray

Hello From France
by Luami Creer

'83 S Respray
by Brian Lineker

Why I Love My 928
by Langdon Stevenson

Cost Of Ownership
by Doug Hillary

Pittaway in Panama
by Tim Pittaway

Landshark User Tips and Netiquette
by Jon Riddett

Damn the boulders! Full speed ahead!
by John Hammer

Rudy's Poem
by Rudy van der Sluis

Darren Overend's '83S
by Darren Overend

Customer Satisfaction
by Rick H

Sunday Driving
by Craig (Skinny) Hughes

Frank'N and Marita visit QLD
by Frank Nieuwenhuis

Oran Park Debriefing
by Stuart Greaves


The Mole in München
by Glen Horton

Frenzy 9 Debriefing
by Stuart Greaves

Second Melbourne Frenzy
by Craig and Rudy

Oran Park June 23rd Track Day
by Stuart Greaves

Porsche Factory Tour - Stuttgart
by Gary Faas

Porsche Factory Tour - Part Two
by Garry Faas

I Love My 928
by Mike Kelly

Ode to the 5 Speed
by Glenn Evans

Sharks in the Nor West
by Darren Fritzsch

The Dung Rocket!
How It Got The Name

by Mark Burnett

This Time It's NOT For Sale
by Ted Fregon

The 928 to Canberra Gliding Club
by Leonard Zech

So why the 928?
by Michael Gerard

Drive to Binalong
by David and Wendy Hammond

Breakfast Run to Mount Wilson
by Leonard Zech

928 Australia July 22, 2019