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Drifting Arab Style

CLICK HERE for the video (1Mb wmv file)This is typical Saudi fun on the road. 
The preferred scene, as in the video clip, is two strips of bitumen, separated by a few metres of unpaved dirt (pale stuff in centre), generally regarded as divided road, sometimes with light poles in the centre (not in this case). Lengths of road like this are common in Saudi in suburban areas, and can be quite long - from 1 to 5km is not uncommon. They may have residences (within 2.5m walls), or shops on the sides, sometimes set back 3-5m from the road. 

The event starts with a few of the lads gathering and traffic not being too dense (usually 14:00 to 16:00 after school gets out), they run the cars up to 100 to 120kph and throw them into drifts with a bit hand brake and see how long they can keep them going sideways.

Hitting pedestrians is bad form but cars or buildings are fair game. They used to do this outside our compound regularly and despite repeated calls the Police were not too interested in dissuading them unless somebody got hurt.

Occasionally a newcomer would get carried away, and roll Daddy's new Explorer or Suburban. I may be wrong but I think the crowd all over the car at the end are congratulating the driver rather than berating him. Note passengers on board. Enjoy, John Pitman.