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Toowoomba Frenzy, October The 21st

Another top day, no breakdowns, eight cars departed Goodna at a leisurely pace through the picturesqe Lockyer Valley. On to the old Gatton Road, then Mt Sylvia Road. for a little more spirited cruising. The Sharks were running like well oiled machines through the flat farming fields on our way to MaMa Creek for a short stop and a scratch. ' How about those flies? '

Under way again, destination Toowoomba, on a winding road in serious need of upgrading, We coped magnificently, not missing a beat. A minor tussle with a biker who couldn't decide whether he wanted to keep up with us or just get in our way but we soon had him sorted, with grace and style. He was obviously outclassed and he knew it!

Before we could say 'stone the crows!' we were on the New England Highway bearing down on Toowmba with JC taking the lead at a his usual pace. A quick phone call to confirm our rendezvous with Tim and then just cruisin' and bruisin' (egos that is). Almost there, then a flash of red going the other way. 'Was that a shark?'

Tim scorched past, did a quick about-turn, joined the pack and followed on to the Toowmba railway station / restaurant for some excellent tucker and great company. Some top photos of nine cars in front of the historic railway station. Alas, all too soon it was time to bid farewell to Tim and Janice and head off, destination Esk.

Onto Esk - Hampton Road only to be stuck behind a semi-trailer for miles but fortunately he was kind enough to pullover and let us pass before descending the range, only to be stuck behind a Subaru driver who didn't know why they invented winding roads ... and 928's!

Arrive Esk to take in the art and craft of the Esktravaganza Festival. A couple of quiet ones at the local and them home to put the sharks to bed and clean the bugs off, ready for another day.

A pleasure to meet Peter and Jeannie on their first frenzy and Andrew (hope you get your sharks back soon). Thanks also to Tim and Janice for the lunch venue and company and to Terry for the maps, see you all again soon

Well done I loved every minute. - PeterC, '81S auto, 86S 5 Speed


928 Australia 2012