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Odds & Ends


Teflon stickers for rear hatch

The part number for the teflon stickers that go on the rear hatch where the rubber bushes rub on either side is 928 512 531 02. You need one on each side of the hatch to stop the sound of mice shrieking at every bump and jolt.

It's one of those odd little parts that the Porsche engineers must have come up with during NVH evaluation of the 928 and missing at least one, usually both on most cars. Hilton.

Congratulations Sean Buchanan,
PCNSW Drivers Champion 2010 & PCNSW Motorkahana Champion for 2010 in his Porsche '86 944 '951' Turbo.

Twenty four years after it was built by Porsche these front engined masterpieces are a wonder to behold - Bruce Buchanan, Buhanan Automotive

CLICK FOR A LARGER IMAGEI have graphed the average numbers of postings per month for each calendar year over the life of Landshark. The graph has an interesting symmetry does it not? I am quite sure that it would provide many happy hours of analysis for a sociologist. - Peter Buttery.

Porsche's four door Panamera
Porsche introduces the new four door Panamera CLICK HERE

Paul Newman 1925-2008 Rest In Peace

Click the image to visit Newman's Own In 1982 and on a lark, Paul Newman and his buddy, A.E. Hotchner, founded Newman's Own® Inc. Based in Westport, CT. The charitable mission of Newman's Own is expressed in its Company motto: "Shameless exploitation in pursuit of the Common Good."

Paul Newman and the Newman's Own Foundation donate all profits and royalties after taxes for educational and charitable purposes. He's given more than $250 million to thousands of charities worldwide.

Available in a range of stunning colours - CLICK HEREPorsche Merchandise?
Tim Place found these beauties at a local Sydney Market. Just the apparel for those Club meetings or to show off your 'fine' taste in Porsche merchandise!

click here for the article, copyright & thanks to [opens in a new browser window]2012 Porsche 928 (GT Coupe) Preview
As mules currently in testing suggest, Porsche has in development a third front-engined car. Coming after the successful Cayenne SUV, and the future Panamera saloon (expected in 2009), the third model will be a large four-seat coupe .. more

Custom Hoses
Hi guys, In my travels around Sydney I am always on the look out for bits and bobs. I have found 2 places that make or sell hoses. They may be worth a look as one has fire guard fire sleeves.

They are:

  • Earls Performance Products
    12 Stanley street, Silverwater,
    NSW 2128, 
    Phone (02) 9748 6011, 
    (This is the one with the sleeve.)

Or for custom made hoses:

  • Motorsport Connections (performance Hose and fittings)
    Unit 15/4a Foundry Road,
    Seven Hills, NSW 2147, 
    Phone (02) 9838 7272

They can make custom fit hoses and have a good reputation. I guess it may be an idea to ring them as I know they may have catalogues. - Regards to all Frank n furter 87 928 S4 (Sydney)

Earth Strap Wingnut
For later models at least from MY '90 the earth strap connector is a hex bolt which can be simply replaced with the threaded 'knob' from a battery terminal isolator switch available at K-Mart, Supercheap etc. for about AU$9.00. It's a green plastic knurled cover over a brass bolt that is the correct thread and length for the earth connector. - Cheers Ray Barton



Porsche to build four-door V8-powered 2009 Panamera
Conceptual drawing of the soon to be built Porsche Panamera
Global production - likely to take place at its Leipzig factory alongside Cayenne - is expected to surpass 20,000 vehicles. "We have indeed taken a lot of time in making this decision," said Porsche AG president and CEO, Dr Wendelin Wiedeking. "But now we know one thing for sure: the Panamera is the right car for Porsche. The Panamera will be powered by a version of the Cayenne's 4.5 litre V8. Either the 250kW/420Nm version or the Cayenne Turbo's 331kW/620Nm twin-turbocharged version. - more at the GOAuto website - Story Marton Pettendy.



Mercedes Tech Forum
I found a Mercedes board at, with a very good tech forum, and asked some questions there, and got good answers. Try posting your query there - several auto trans specialists read it. - jp '83 3 speed



gt01.jpg (32973 bytes)
The new 4-door Porsche front engined coupe will be released for sale in 2008.  It will come with two V8 (ex Cayenne) engine options and a V10 (ex Carrera GT) engine option. Very high power over 600 HP. Tis official now.

Full report issued in this weeks Auto Motor und Sport. -
Adrian S.



928 BOOK
928_newbk.jpg (44673 bytes) Porsche 928 - Die Technische Dokumentation von Jörg Austen. It is in German. I found it at a bookstore before I read a review about it. Here is the link This is a very good book. - Ciao, Adrian S.



  • 16" wheels 36/44 psi front/rear;
  • 17" wheels 36 psi all round; and
  • 18" wheels 30/32 psi front/rear.


Phil Chadwick just picked this off 928UK list. Unbolt the seat from the floor, slide it back an inch onto a set of holes further back and re-bolt. This will give you more headroom and legroom - Simon '95 GTS Manual also 6'4"



Some cycle shops sell an excellent wax lubricant that does not attract dirt and grit.
It is accumulative as well. I use it on the plastic 'sliders' covering the wiring on the 928's doors, and on the sunroof as well as my bikes and it works very well indeed. Called Finish Line 'Krytech' it contains Dupont's Krytox and M2 moly - one of the new breed of lubricants. It costs about $10 for a 59ml container - Regards Doug H '89 S4.



Before removing & dismantling
a jammed windscreen/headlight washer pump try reversing the leads a few times. The free play between motor & pump should hammer the rubbish out of the pump. - Brian R '82 S



Where do I find floor mats for my 928?
try here - Mark .. MORE



Another interesting link for your site.
Cap'n Dave's Tiki Bar
I found this a few years back and always thought it would be a fun 'Official Drink' for the 928 Community .. I've yet to make one!
1/2 jigger Light Rum
1/2 jigger Dark Rum
1/2 jigger Spiced Rum
1 jigger Pineapple Juice
Juice of 1 Lime
Lime wedge (garnish)
Fill shaker with ice. Add ingredients. Shake and strain over ice into glass. Garnish. -
Alan Moore '94 GTS Schwarz



I contacted 'Liquid Leather' sales in UK
followed up with a ring-around to get two Sydney distributors. As correctly pointed out by some 928ers it is not just a matter of 'splash on and forget'. All the people I contacted said it requires the heat of the hand and finger massaging to get the best results. The more elbow grease and regular application gives the best results. - Grahame '83 928S .. MORE



The March 2003 issue of the English Mag 'Classic and Sports Car' has this to say about the '89 928S4

  • 'probably the greatest continental GT ever..'
  • 'the 928 is a genuine supercar..'
  • 'the driving position is superb..'
  • 'well-appointed and beautifully screwed-together..'
  • 'fantastic long-distance ability..'
  • 'near-perfect weight distribution..'
  • 'steering is smooth and reassuring.. results in absolute confidence..'
  • 'the 928 feels perfectly planted'.
  • 'dollops of power.. a V8 tune that merges the revving urgency of a flat-crank Ferrari with the Mustang's masculine grumble'.
  • 'It's a supercar that offers the thrills without the spills..'

This from an English mag!! Yeah but we knew all of that, didn't we? - RogerH '86 S'3' Geelong.



If, like me, you have to contend with the aftermath of Sun-on-leather dash lining (shrinkage, etc.) you will find that there is no such item as a dash mat to protect from our summer heat. It's a pain deploying the silver 'bizzo', although the interior is cooler.

When enquiring, apparently mats are made for 924 / 944's but I don't know how close the match might be. However, I found a damned close fit at Repco, made by Protect-a-Mat for, believe it of not, the Verada/Magna (current model, I think).

Yes, to get the pod in exactly some surgery would help but the built-in crease and vent holes are pretty close. It is the same distance across between the A-pillars and the screen curve is correct!

Anyway, worth a look if you're interested. Cheers -
NeilW, '85 Silbermetallic


In response to the kicking around of motorists in Australia
by anyone who wants to kick us around the NMAA was formed to create some unity and strength for motorists. We currently have membership in 5 states. We advocate Australian motorists' rights and interests. .. MORE



'Eagle' gave me the name of a person who they deal with.
Price is going to be $84.70 inc GST for the full set. So if you need cheap leads made up, call 'Eagle' in Penrith (NSW) for your nearest supplier. By comparison, Repco: $140, Behr leads: $350 approx. Even if they only last half the time that a Behr set do I am still well ahead. - Langdon



A great tyre size calculator can be found at. - Cheers Greg



I've noticed that Supercheap is now stocking finely corrugated, flexible, metallised air ducting hose.
Not as strong as the original product, but looks like it would get you by until you find a more durable part. - Cheers Cy. '89 S4.



To adjust the light bar you will need to loosen off the two bolts either end of the bar where it disappears into the wheel well.
I think its 13mm, you will need an extension to reach. The bolts compress a rubber flange on the side bulkhead. When they are loosened off, grab the bar on the side that has slipped back and jerk it forward. You will probably feel it slip back to the right spot. Lift the lights manually to check for clearance then tighten the bolts back up.

The lifting lever that can go through your radiator should have a C clip on it. If that comes off it will punch a nice hole in the radiator. I have been considering installing a wire strop to prevent is occurring. The few mm of sideways moment on the lights is normal, I hope, mine does the same - Graham Bates '82S



(.. or what needs to be replaced by 150,000k). If the car is in good shape then I recommend you do two or three lots of maintenance over the first year or so ..

  • Lot 1: timing belt, pump, a few hoses, change all the fluids and a few extras etc. for say $2k

  • Lot 2: engine mounts, maybe CV boots and a few extras for say $2k

  • Lot 3, replace the shocks with new gas Boges, steering align for say 2k

There is a bit of fat in these prices, the recommended repairers will respect your budget especially if they know you have a sensible plan. If you have an unplanned event like a radiator, then just delay the next lot until the budget recovers. - PaulD '81S (low nominal mileage, but did all the above over the last 2 years)



Verbatim from the Parts and Technical Reference Catalog Page 66 "Porsche Tech Tip 1983 928 ATF Hydraulic Noise.
If you experience hydraulic noise (1983 model 928) at engine speeds of 1000-1200 RPM, the noise can be eliminated by installing pressure hose part number 960 307 021 03 & 2 seals, part number 900 123 042 20. To install remove existing (short) return hose from transmission bent metal line leading to the ATF cooler. Install new longer hose in a loop as shown in illustration. Use new sealing rings on banjo fitting.

Note: The new hose must be twisted 90 degrees when installing the hose, so that it will lie flat against the underbody of the vehicle." - PaulD '81S



For those interested
look at - for one of the GPS locators. - Andrew Cowton



Original Porsche wheels, cups in particular
usually have the offset cast on the rim next to the valve, in the form of '55' for 55mm or '65' for 65mm & so on. If it is not on the rim, you have to measure it. The difference between the mounting flange surface and the centre line of the wheel. - Mike '94 GTS



On Auto transmissions
The automotive engineer (now retired ) who serviced my cars until June, researched the correct transmission fluid and told me that Transmax M is the correct fluid. After he changed the fluid, (which was a bit low) the box has been running well. It sounds like he was on the right track as the Transmax Z sounds like the goods for extreme usage situations. He said that the Transmax M had a special formulation that suited the 928 auto boxes and the fluid level is critical to good running. - PaulD '81S



Avoid using tie downs on the alloy suspension parts.
Good trucking companies use strops that hook over the top of the wheels so that the only contact is with the tyre. By using the wheel strops, the car "rides" on its suspension. - Graham Bates '82S



Blau radios can be changed from 10khz (US standard) spacing
to 9 khz spacing (Aust standard) from the inbuilt menus. I looked at buying overseas models earlier this year so this was one of the things that I checked. - Chris Robertson '91 GT 

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