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Apple Tree Bay Frenzy,
18th July, 2010

What a great day! Thanks to Paul and Ros Muras for their connections to the weather God (Alan Wilkey?) and for putting on such a fine day out!

A total of eleven 928s and human contents shared in the warmth and mirth of a Sunny Sunday, at Apple Tree Bay. Plenty of mirth was required, for as it turned out, the only BBQ around (for miles) ... was out of gas!

Paul was quickly on the job and as we lined up the cars for our photo session, he hurriedly made plans to 'get the gas'! After a few more drinks, tucking into snacks dips and chips, with plenty of happy conversations, on the horizon there appeared, a NSW Parks and Wildlife 4X4.

Onboard, a total of three staff. Two hefty blokes and what was clearly the supervisor. Female, with long blonde plaited hair. She proceeded to replace the two large gas bottles, while the two 'hefties' leant on the BBQ shed and chatted away with the group. They soon left, slowly driving past admiring our line of shiny landsharks. The BBQ was back on!

As the day proceeded, the sun valiantly kept the cold away but sadly, all good things must end. As it dipped below the western ridge of the bay, the cold begun to creep in, making its presence well and truly felt.

Thanks to everyone who turned up, to support today's impromptu Frenzy. Including first timers, Greg and Maureen(?) in their '79 black five speed. Grahame Kelly, who's been ill of late, also managed to put in an appearance. Good to see all of you again and thanks again to Paul and Ros for the excellent day out! - Leonard Zech '95 GTS, Sydney


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