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Landshark User Tips and Netiquette

I've had the pleasure of meeting and talking to quite a few new list members recently. Those conversations inspired me to send this again - Jon Riddett

Thanks Jon! This is well worth a read and applies to any mailing list or sending/receiving email in general - Leonard

A few important tips for all you Landshark users out there ...

  1. It can be a good idea to read all your messages before you post replies just in case the reply that you are about to spend ages typing is no longer needed. Not practical if you just downloaded five hundred messages, but if your browser or mail client supports it, sort into subject order and then read the 'thread' through - you may find twenty people have already said what you are about to.

  2. If your mail client supports it, have a column set up for 'received' and leave this as the default sorting order. That way people with incorrect system dates and times or delayed messages will still appear at the top of your mail box. Many systems are defaulted to 'sent' which allows messages to appear anywhere in the order of your mailbox and you may miss them.

  3. If you haven't already, set up a rules based folder. The reason we put [landshark] in all our subject lines is so that a rule can be set up to handle these messages. For example, under Microsoft outlook, the tools menu has message rules under it. Selecting 'mail' allows you to set up a rule 'where subject line contains'. You can create a landshark folder and automatically move all landshark emails in there. This keeps you inbox free and only messages for you will appear in there.

  4. Trim your posts - Len has a good point. The longer an email is, the bigger it is and the more storage, bandwidth and time it takes to send.  
    It is also good email Netiquette for people who only subscribe to the Digest Mode - Leonard

  5. Don't set an out of office AutoReply to send to a group. AutoReply should only be set up to reply where a message is to you - ie, your email address appears in the "to" line of the email. Enough said.

  6. When a new member is introducing himself to the group, please always say where you are from, your name and car and year. The first replies to any question are invariably "where are you - happy to meet and help you"

  7. After asking a question and/or solving a problem please let the list know the outcome or solution. That's how we all learn.

  8. When posting your message consider whether the subject title reflects that you are saying. Often it is better to change the title to give meaning. With the volume of emails it helps people not miss something important.

  9. The Landshark Yahoo Group Page contains a lot of information. You can (should) search the archives before asking a question - not much hasn't been said before after over 30,000 messages! Update your car and details into the 928 register. You'll find this under 'Database' in the menu section. Appreciate and support the Yahoo sponsors - they are why we have this fantastic resource for free. Appreciate and support Leonard, he does most of the work.

  10. Never ask if an Automatic is better than a Manual and never ask if an S3 is an official Porsche designation - the answers are never going to change. Never Jon? .. that's kinda harsh! - Leonard ;)

That's ten tips with a couple thrown in for humour. It seems obvious, but maybe helpful to those who are new to all this. The first thing I did when I got my first internet connection was look up my car and I found Landshark. I've learnt something new every day since. - Happy sharking, Jon Riddett

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