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928 Driver Training Day

I would like to say that all the attendees, 928 drivers and the drivers of other vehicles, showed commitment and skill.

  • Had a great day at Wakefield watching Julie pushing her 928S. I have put my worry beads back into there box so I just wanted to publicly thank you Sturat (Or Stu-rat to his close 'lets hide the kitty litter' students) for a most enjoyable and well managed day. We learnt a LOT. - Grahame and Julie K.

  • Had a great day, Stu - despite driving the Audi (or perhaps because). The Audi was a surprise. Great brakes, especially the ABS, so I had a much easier time than Amanda in the 928S. Handling was also excellent with a 30 sec in the slalom. Of course I was let down by the lack of grunt - you just cannot make up for lack of horses. Could not keep up with anyone on the straight bits, though I was able to brake later and catch up a little on the tight bits. Thank You from Amanda and me. - Hugo R.

  • Stuart, I would just like to say thank you very much for you time an effort in organising a day that was a fun, interesting, educational, adrenalin filled fantastic day that was second to none and appreciated by all. I never realised how great these cars that we own are. - Craig Bricknell '90 S4

  • I would also like to say thanks to Stuart for such a well planned and enjoyable day. I have two questions for Stuart

1) When will a DVD be available? (I have my $$ ready)

2) When are we doing it again? My hand is already up.

Craig Bradley 87 S4 Black (no tyre tread left)

  • I must comment that I learned a lot from the day. Such as: 

- I can't believe how distracted I was by having Mal alongside me on my first afternoon session

 - I felt my brain caught a lot of false neutrals (a motor cycling term!); 

- The session with Mal driving the car was the best driving lesson I have ever experienced 

- he was far kinder on the car than me and in doing so showed me a completely different approach on how to do a fast lap; I had never been brave enough to get onto the brakes while going through the kink 

- it now seems more natural (although it will still take a lot more practice to get it right). 

- in the same vein, keeping on the brakes while turning into the apex was something I would never have considered until Mal showed me how; 

- Would I lend the car to Mal again? Yes, absolutely; 

- the lesson on reaction time and braking distances was very graphic 

- it was something I thought about a lot on the way home (as a number of non-attendees sat way too close to the rear of my car on the expressway); 

- to help answer your final question, you can count me in (with permission from your 928 colleagues). I still have heaps to learn! 

It was a great day with a great bunch of people. Thanks for organising this and pulling together a very credible group of instructors. - Allan T.

  • My thanks to Stuart for a fabulously organised and fun event. Stuart your effort was magnificent. Using Rick Heaney's Sport Shifter made the day memorable. That would have to be the best $110 I have ever spent. Thanks Rick. Shane N. '88 S4

It was remarkable to me not just how much they all improved, but how they balanced their still and courage with the restraint that 300+ hp cars demand, and consistently showed good on-track courtesy to each other. The few excursions were just part of the learning process. All the instructors agreed that everyone drove well, and the the overall skill level by the end of the day was higher than is often seen at such events.

So my warmest congratulations to all.

Stuart Greaves '84S