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Second Melbourne Frenzy
30th September 2001

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Well, another Melbourne Frenzy has come to a close - the biggest yet, with ten cars and over twenty people during the day.

We even had some people turn up all the way from Geelong. A couple of incidents for the day - a few got lost following the leader who wrote the map rather than following the map (I'll leave that one open to interpretation) so we had two lunch groups at two places simultaneously. Mobile phones were out of service at one of the locations so people just ate and then moved on and once in mobile range, communications were re-established and a regroup was organised.

One of the cars overheated and then behaved itself again. We had a quick look at lunch and the inspection revealed a melted timing belt that had been rubbing a seized water pump. After stopping and starting again everything spun again and it sounded fine - fingers crossed that it made it home after leaving us at lunch.

I heard a lot of accounts of a close-ish overtaking move with a 4WD - where is the video when you need it? Leading home I ended up putting on the headlights to wake up all the bikes that seemed to be on my side of the road - it was scary just how many hug the white line (or cross it!) around blind right handers and lean into the oncoming lane.

Thanks heaps to Craig and Tania for organising and thank you to everyone for coming along!

Jon (pinky) '80 928 5 speed.