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We welcome another 928 convert.

Thanks for your message Paul and welcome to the Austalian 928 community.

Hi Leonard I am a forty four year old car nut. I have been a Porsche fan for a long time. I've admired the marque in all forms, a fan of the early 911s and then the 964, but always had the 928 in the corner of my eye.

As a fan of front engined rear drive vehicles, and more so I think as a somewhat unattainable supercar of its day. I am also a born and bred Ford fan and owned a lot of Fords. Never considered buying a Porsche or ever thought I could afford one as a classic car. Until now.

I have done a lot of driving over my life (well over two million kilometres) and owned over thirty different makes and models, from Falcons and Cortinas, FPV's, Holden Commodores, Subarus, Mitsubishis, Suzuki, Toyotas and Volvos to Audis, Volkswagens, BMWs, and now Porsche. I have participated in track days and have done some advanced driver training and motorkhanas.

Since I sold my last couple of vehicles, I'd been looking at a number of different front mounted V8 cars, particularly Fords and Mercury's. More as open road cruisers but wanted to rebuild the drivetrains and suspension to something that handles. Whilst realising the sort of money I had to spend and how common a lot of them are. I then stumbled upon the 928. After researching them, their pedigree and what it takes to keep and maintain one, I am now the very proud and passionate owner of a 1986 and a 1/2 928S, which, after a lengthy and expensive mechanical restoration by the previous owner, is now my pride and joy. I am committed to maintain and continue it on its path to restoration.

It has had close to $40,000 spent on it, prior to my acquisition. About $5,000 since I've owned it. So with some ongoing love and attention, it should be a good cruiser for many years to come. In Meteor grey metallic, it has an excellent body and interior for its age and has had all of its major work done by Bruce Buchannan. Also now just had a new radiator, wheels, rubber seals, and numerous interior and exterior bits and pieces.

After owning this car for the last three months and driving it like it's designed to, out on the open road, it has appealed to me on a level no other car has come close to. I have seriously got the bug. Both in its poise and balance but also just its brut presence and performance on the road and of course that divine DOHC V8 sound track. I now know why it perplexes some and I get why some people who may not understand the fine marque that it is, undervalue and underestimate it as a true classic ultimate sports tourer, at a seriously affordable price.

Having now purchased this one, I feel a deep bond to ensure it runs perfectly or as close to, for as long as I'm able. I may even buy more! I have already done a few medium size forays into parts purchases through 928 International and looked through numerous posts on the Landshark website for guidance on things like replacing sunroof seals to replacing switches and oil changes and oils and just enjoying other peoples cars on the site. And of course I have found an excellent specialist mechanic in Bruce who knows the car intimately and helped me in my decision to purchase it.

In my eyes, the 928 is the best designed and built Porsche ever. I think I'm becoming a one eyed 928 freak. Cheers, Paul '86.5 928S

928 Australia 2012