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Rudy's Poem

There once was a group that went to Adelaide.
It was a trip that they had made ...
They drove as if in a grand parade.
Faster and faster as the foot went down.

Flash flash flash there went another town.
As if they were after a golden crown.
They drove to show they had the force.
Of the one and only almighty Porsche.

And when eventually they had to park.
You could see nothing but ferocious Shark!
When passers-by just stared and gawked.
Of sharks and 928's they talked.

We knew that we had hit the mark.
And pride we felt right in the heart.
When these machines gleam and shine.
Many a head will turn and incline.
And say to themselves l wish it were mine!

The 928 is so great ... when owning one
there's no word of hate.
As fellow owners are your mate.
And when we frenzy 'round Tasmania
we'll show our 'sharky'mania.

Show off our cars with style and flare.
And watch them as they ogle and stare.
As sharks invade their country air.
There's no other car you'd give such care.
And it's not the car you'd simply share.

So if you see us just beware
Lest you be blinded by our glare!
And try to catch us, no you wont.
Cause now you see us, now you don't!

Rudy van der sluis