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Palm Beach Frenzy, 25th May 2003

Twas a dark and stormy Sunday afternoon
a gathering was brewing like witches at black masses or generals in their masses the sharks started circling and gathering to form the pack. They came from near and far to stand at Terry Hills in the constant fall of precipitation. Women huddled inside the beasts while men (and some women) gathered, huddled under sodden brollies discussing the salient points of certain cars.

Greetings were exchanged back and forth, photos and videos taken. Some people had not been spotted for quite some time, good to see them all.

The meeting, the briefing and the starting of the rumble. If someone had taken money off me to bet that you could travel to Palm Beach from Terry Hills without hitting a traffic light, they would have taken my money. Bruce must have studied that Map for months.

After a sedate drive the arrival at the feeding ground. Great meal, great company and great wine. Cars? who is interested in cars when you have a gang of people that enjoy each others company.

Great time, thank you Bruce et al. - Frank n furter '87 S4

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Thanks again to Bruce for organising the event. The roll-up was impressive, especially given the weather. I counted 14 928s in various colours, plus a drop in by Rob H, and the fact that Tracey and Alastair were there without sharks would have made 17! Olga and I had a great arvo. - Mark E '90 GT

Excellent day out thanks to great organization, top scenery, best company, fine food and of course superb cars, thanks to all. - Rory and Marita '89 S4

To all those who went to Palm Beach ... being at the back of the pack we got to see the people rushing out of their houses to look at all the sharks go by and we got to hear nearly all of you put your collective feet down going onto Barrenjoey Rd. Memorable event and very nice to put names to faces. Next time I promise the shark will attend as I am now getting pressure from Claire to get it fixed so she can attend another event (not sure whether she's going to allow me along though) :) thanks all - Alastair and Claire

Lovely to see all the new and familiar faces. Jacky and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and we saw parts of Sydney we never knew that had such great views over Pittwater. Dinner was delightful as was the company of like minded friends. Even the weather was kind enough to stay away during the journey down. Bruce, many thanks for organising such a fine event. - Leonard and Jacky '95 GTS