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Langdon Stevenson



While driving home recently I got to thinking about why I love my 928 so much.

1. When your sitting in (whatever fast food joint) looking out the window at your 928 in the parking lot, its a beautiful sight.

rh002.jpg (119491 bytes)

2. When you get in you have a nice wide unobstructed view. By contrast the ' A' pillars of a late model (locally manufactured) vehicle I drove recently seem very narrow and obtrusive, obstructing the view ahead.

LG_hatch_02.jpg (88419 bytes)

3. When you put your foot down it not only goes hard but sounds great as well. A modern six cylinder Falcadore goes quite hard too but its a pretty sterile experience. You just can't beat a V8.

001.jpg (45462 bytes)

4. You turn the wheel at low speed and there is power assistance. You turn the wheel at high speed and there is great feel. The late model (locally manufactured) vehicle had practically no feel at all which is seriously disconcerting at motorway speeds.

072.jpg (43041 bytes)

5. When you turn the wheel, even hard at speed, you can feel the rigidity of the chassis. The late model (locally manufactured) vehicle, and my fathers late model (locally manufactured) vehicle by comparison seem to flex and twist with every bump. I actually though there was something wrong with this car, until I stopped to think about how much less steel there probably is in it. No wonder the floor pan felt like a wobble board!

025.jpg (45303 bytes)
6. Its comfortable to drive long distances. This should be a given for any modern car bigger than a "compact". However I was surprised to find a while back that the leg room on the passenger side in a '99 5 series BMW was awful. I rarely sit in the passenger side, but its nice to know that your best mate is enjoying the ride too.

bmf02.jpg (44392 bytes)

7. Race drivers and driving instructors love it!

029.jpg (45181 bytes)

8. 80 litre fuel tank (it just keeps goin' and goin'!).

9. When you open up the bonnet you are presented with a delightful looking piece of mechanical engineering. Not just a load of plastic boxes and electronics stuck all over what you have to assume is the engine.

rj11.jpg (49390 bytes)
10. Just turning corners a bit quickly with a friend in the passenger seat is likely to impress them (and leave them stuck to the side window or your shoulder).

008.jpg (45441 bytes)
11. Surprisingly large luggage space.

LG_hatch_01.jpg (80138 bytes)
12. Utterly predictable handling. No nasty surprises when the back end lets go or it starts to understeer.

015.jpg (46034 bytes)
13. Did I mention the brakes? Its only a 928 S, but it sure beat the heck out of anything else I have ever driven, old or new (save for an S4). Great feel.

075.jpg (45934 bytes)
14. Whether or not you like automatics, the auto in the 928 makes driving lots of miles around town, an easy job. I would love a manual but there are times when I am thankful for the auto.

cb_2789.jpg (80350 bytes)

15. And last but not least, they come in a great range of colours and a price to suit (almost) every pocket!

f3.lake1.jpg (491179 bytes)

People will say they would rather have a late model Falcadore, because it will be cheaper to run and wont break down etc. but if you look after your 928 then it may not be more expensive, or less reliable at all. As my (bike) mechanic said "hey, you get to drive around in a Porsche 928. Can't beat that!"

It's easy to become complacent about a car that is so good in so many ways. I enjoy taking someone else's car out for a drive now and then, just to remind myself how well mannered and capable my 20 year old 928 really is. Happy driving - Langdon '84 928 S

Langdon, well stated my sentiments too!  Regards Doug H. '89 S4.

Lang - beautifully said. I can't disagree with any comments but I think as well as the view from 'the fast food joint', driving past a shopfront with full glass windows with the sun reflecting off your car, the view is stunning!! Keep the faith. Roger H '89 S4 Geelong.

The faster you go, the smaller it seems to become, and the more it glues itself down, and the better it tracks. This is quite unlike almost everything else I've driven, which turn floaty at speed. Sturat '84 928S.

Parking at the outer edge of shopping centre car parks, ostensibly to stay away from potential dents but really so I can spend more time looking at it as I walk back to the car. Mark Reiser.

Yep, can't beat those plate glass windows. I always feel cheated if I can't quite get the full profile in the window reflection. Just an awesome profile. Mike '94 GTS Adelaide.

Seeing one on the road.. being transfixed by it's beauty.. wishing I had one.. then remembering I do.. and falling in love with it again! Nick '87 S4.