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Brian Lineker, '83 S Respray

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bl03.jpg (58427 bytes)When I bought the car it had had a succession of owners that could not afford or did not understand what is needed to maintain a car of this type so it change hands quite often. Each time it was traded the selling dealer gave it the quick and minimal once over. Coupled with this recipe for disaster it also had a whack in the front at one stage that was fixed by a bash and bog man. As a result, the guards across the front of the windscreen were high on the drivers side and low on the passengers side.

There was also a lot of bog in the middle of the bonnet that had shrunk and caused the paint to crack. My panel beater and I decided that the only way to fix the problem was to go back to bare metal and start again.

bl01.jpg (56416 bytes)We found the drivers side guard was in very poor condition and needed to have a series of cracks cut out and new metal welded in. This was done as shown in the photos.



bl04.jpg (56925 bytes)During this time someone posted a note on the landshark site about phone dial wheels for sale on Ebay and located in Melbourne. They were in poor condition having been sprayed with "chrome bright". Fortunately there were no bruises and when we cleaned off the pressure pack paint we found enough of the original colour to match and as the photos show they came up very well.



The front spoiler also proved to be interesting. When it was removed we discovered so many cracks and breaks we decided the only reason it stayed on was by mutual agreement. With a liberal plastering of fibre-glass and a number of other sneaky manoeuvres it looks like new! Its amazing what can be achieved with body filler, sycaflex, fuse wire and patience.

Now after a month at the panel shop it's finished and I love it! Having just completed 3000 klm to Canberra and back with no bits broken, I am very happy with the car - Brian Lineker, "brand new" '83 S.