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Great Tasmanian Frenzy '06

It's a little hard to capture nine days of absolute driving fun and the great times had with such great people in one page. I might just add some reflections in point form and many of the tales will surface over time. - Shane Navin, '88 S4

Chronicles Of The Great Tasmanian Frenzy,
April 2006

  • The drive to Victoria was uneventful but catching up with the posse who had just done the Great Ocean Road at Station Pier in Melbourne was full of tales from John Cade so I figured they had not been mucking about.
  • Loading on to The Spirit of Tasmania was freezing cold and wet but inspecting many of the Targa cars joining us was a real treat.
  • We chatted with Mick Hone, navigator for one P. Brock who had prepared the Daytona 500. Rubbed shoulders with Jim Richards at dinner and spoke with the Service Manager for Porsche Vic., Paul Girt, who was navigating a 1985 911 Carrera with Duane Rogers the Owner/Driver from Porsche Club Vic.
  • Our guest Sergio, with the XR8 Ford, was beside himself when a number of genuine Phase 2 and Phase 3 GTHO Targa entrants turned up.
  • 914s and 968's all race ready, this lime green GT 350 Shelby Mustang fired up, almost blew us off the pier and nearly deafened us!
  • The funny thing was they all wanted to know about our 928's. What speed will they do? How many are there still in the country? How many are on the Frenzy?
  • The crossing was smooth as glass, more's the pity. The rougher the better for me, but hey the ladies were happy.
  • We arrived at Devonport and we caught up with Brian R. who had been visiting relos in Tassie.
  • While the smorgasboard of Targa cars headed off to Launceston for scrutineering,
    to get us in the mood and warm the tyres, we headed off for a run over three Targa Stages, Nook, Sheffield and Mole Creek.
  • At Brian's suggestion, some quality time learning about Tasmanian Devils at the Trowunna Wildlife Park was enjoyed. .. 

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Well that was our adventure. A good mixture of socialising and driving. Great people, great cars. Thanks to everyone who could make it.

Now what can we do next time?

  • The Great SA and NT Frenzy?
  • The NZ Frenzy?
  • The Nurburgring Frenzy?

Now we're talking!

Well, you just never know. Stranger things have happened.

Thanks for listening - Shane Navin '88 S4 (washed, cleaned and came up a treat! Now running beautifully after the Tasmanian Tune Up!) Blue Mountains.

May 2006