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National Motorists Association Australia

Click on this banner to visit the NMAA - This link will open a new window

Click on this banner to visit the NMAA - This link will open a new windowIn July 1998 in response to the kicking around of motorists in Australia by anyone who wants to kick us around we formed an organisation to create some unity and strength for motorists.

We currently have membership in 5 states. We advocate Australian motorists' rights and interests. We promote these directly through lobbying and other actions and also indirectly by providing a voice for motorists thus giving the media the opportunity to fulfil their duty to provide balanced reporting.

By depriving other groups of the opportunity to hide behind one sided media coverage it protects motorists interests. Further, we provide a wealth of motoring information on the website to assist motorists.

Our Mission Statement
In accordance with the oft quoted advices of Theodore Roosevelt our mission is:

'We will do what we can for motorists with what we have where we are.'

Our current focus
We are working toward eliminating revenue raising so that the government can't use their ubiquitous action in relation to 'cracking down on speeding' as an excuse for inaction on road safety issues such as driver education, safe roads, drunk drivers and reckless speeders.

The only way to deal with this obstacle to road safety is to ensure that speed limits are set at the 85th percentile.

With expensive machinery to detect driving speeds and over 30 years of harassment of safe drivers state governments will never have speed cameras set up exclusively at 'black spots' nor will they 'turn a blind eye' to drivers exceeding the speed limit safely and will continue to pretend that such drivers are driving dangerously.

Until speed limits are set correctly governments will continue to pretend that they are already doing what is necessary to improve road safety. This allows them to go slow on spending money on effective road safety interventions.

Balanced reporting at last!
Our organisation now provides a voice for Australian motorists so that media outlets can fulfil their duty to provide balanced reporting. Without motorists having a voice the media are forced to act as a mouthpiece for the authorities who are therefore free to mislead and exploit the motoring public.

The history of this area probably provides the best example of what happens when media are unable to fulfil their duty of balanced reporting because one side lacks a voice. In this situation there has been much human suffering because the unbalanced reporting has given governments a licence to kill.

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