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Third Perth Frenzy 6th September '03

Another great sunny day in Perth for the 3rd 928 Frenzy.

This time, back to where it all started 2 years ago, the Swan Valley. The South Perth Foreshore was a nice central place to meet with some great photos of the cars against the backdrop of the Swan River and Perth City.

We wondered if anyone would turn up being a Saturday and a football day, but we arrived early and there were already 3 cars there! All together we still had a total of 10 cars for the day. This included Paul who had to leave early but made a spectacular entrance meeting us at the last moment showing off the rumble of his muffler-less 928.

For many this was their first 928 Frenzy, including Darren and Angela (previously up in Darwin) and Steve and Dennis who often contribute to the Landshark list - it was great to see so many new faces along. When I caught up with Steve earlier in the week (to help fix his start problem, but that's another story!), he mentioned a 928 he saw around the corner. On my way home the night before the frenzy I dropped in and said 'hey - I saw you have a 928, do you want to come for a drive tomorrow with other 928's?' I'm sure he must have thought I was a nutter, some guy knocks on his door and wants him to take a drive. Anyway, after a long conversation - he has owned his car for 9 years and I'd never seen it! - a look over my car and his car - he says 'sounds great' so he was there too (a wonderful condition '90 S4)!

He even knew Bev's 928 that drives past his house every day. A few days before the frenzy I had the battery guy out to check my car battery - pulled up in his van and said - oh a 928, I've just bought one of those! - told him about the outing, but he was working and couldn't make it.

First stop was the chocolate factory. A bit disappointing that they served us takeaway coffee, but the large plates of chocolates they bought out more than made up for it. We had lots of chocolate left over and luckily myself and Mo came prepared with freezer bags for everyone and a cooler with ice in the car. Mmm! Doggie bags filled with chocolate - yum!

Next stop was the Swan Valley Winery where we had our own outdoor area and cheese platters to help appreciate the wide range of wines. The Mango wine and chocolate port was stunning!

Clive and Lou couldn't make the first few stops (so we had to eat their share of the chocolate...) but joined us at the Ironbark Brewery, a small little Micro brewery with a nice range of beers available for tasting. Next door was the Lilac Hill estate and some local crafts.

The two Clive's were the only ones to have been to all three of the Perth Frenzies.

Must be about time for lunch! Not far away was the Riverbank winery - a few people took advantage of the free tastings but most needed food by then. Great views into the valley and the food was great (even more appreciated after the long wait!).

We had a fantastic time catching up with a few of the 'regulars' and it was great to see so many new 928 owners come along that we haven't met before - just how many 928's are there in Perth?

Gary and Mo Faas '87 S4 Perth

Images of the Western Australia chapter's 928s' will be found in 'Sharks by model year' in the gallery - webmaster