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Auto to 5 Speed Manual Conversion
or .. so, you'd like to convert an auto to a manual?
by Stuart Mollart

Yep that's what I said to myself. So after quite a bit research I decided to buy another 928 a 1980 928S 5 speed and transfer the whole drive train (less the motor) into my car, sounds easy... HA!

Info about auto bodies.

If your car is pre 1986* you have the clutch master cylinder mount on the firewall. This is good - as all you have to do is drill out the holes that were covered up. If your car is post 1986* then you don't have the mount on the firewall, and you must do a firewall transplant - cut old one from manual donor and weld into the auto body - well I'm not going to get into that process - check out

*RHD cars - don't hold me to these dates -  due to variations in production runs etc. - check the firewall on your 928.

What's required in parts?

  • Flywheel

  • Pilot bearing for rear of crank

  • Clutch assembly inc. clutch fork

  • Bell-housing

  • Torque tube

  • 5 speed box

  • Cross member

  • Gear shifter & boot, facia etc.

  • Clutch master cylinder with connection rod

  • Clutch slave cylinder with push rod & hydraulic line/flex hose

  • Clutch/brake pedal assembly

  • Micro switch for cruise control, rubber stopper for clutch pedal.

  • Reverse switch/speedo pickup wiring

  • Wire link to bypass auto lockout relay

The Process.


Well what a fun job it's been, it's not a difficult job. If you have the space, tools and patience.

Cost: about $7,500(AUD) - most of that's the cost of the car and a handful of minor bits and pieces. Second hand parts come to about the same cost - if you can find them.

Time: that's a hard one - estimated 30 hours of no mucking about - otherwise about a weeks work.

Can you see the difference?

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Contact me: stuart at ozebiz dot com dot au

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