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The official Porsche Clubs of Australia have created specific registers to widen the appeal of the Club to owners with interests in the various Porsche models.

Porsche Club social activities are well attended by 928 owners including the ever popular 'Breakfast Run'. The Supersprint series is also very popular, with the opportunity to enjoy your 'shark' on some of the best tracks around Australia. With the bonus of driver training by experienced Club members, it makes for an exciting outing for drivers and spectators alike.

'Shark' or 'Landshark' are popular nicknames for the Porsche 928 in the worldwide 928 fraternity and 'Frenzy' is the tag we apply to these gatherings. We also like to discuss all aspects of the 928 (and the meaning of life) via the list.

In conjunction with this website, a large database of 928's exists via the landshark site. If you own, or intend to own a 928 you are welcome to submit your information and join the landshark mailing list via the subscribe page.

Subscribers to the Landshark list are encouraged to visit and become members of their local State's Porsche club.

Leonard Zech

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