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Leather Restoration

Last year I recall someone posting a message
with regards leather restoration and dye products. If anyone could recommend some products I would be very much appreciative. - Chris R. '90 S4

Hi Everyone. I contacted Gliptone 'Liquid Leather' sales in UK via email and followed up with a ring-around to get two Sydney distributors.

  • XJ Auto Spares
    164 Bungaree Rd, Pendle Hill 2145

    We welcome enquiries anytime from anyone interested in restoring & maintaining leather products - Brian Hollings (Manager)
    Ph: 02 9631 4600
    Fx: 02 96882210

  • White Glove Automotive
    Martin Connerly
    Mb: 0418 299 499

Liquid Leather Conditioner is ~$30 (250ml) and Liquid Leather Cleaner is ~$25 (250ml).

Apologies if this is too commercial but it is information new 928 owners who are refurbishing their 'baby' may need to restore 'her' to a youthful status.

So it may interest some to know about the different Liquid Leather Products to look after your 928 leather items (quoting from the Liquid Leather brochure) below.

All Liquid Leather products are made by:
Gliptone Leathercare, 
Castlefield, Manchester
M3 4NN, UK.

Part# GT11 - "Original" Conditioner

Ideal for all car leathers. (250ml)

Part# GT12 - PH Neutral "Gentle" Cleaner

For the most fragile leather uses no water if harsh chemicals, apply neat, agitate with a soft nail brush, wipe off, prevents leather shrinking, protects and lubricates stitching. (150ml)

Part# GT13 - Conditioner

With water, oil and dirt repellent. (250ml)

Part# GT14 - Safety Solvent Cleaner

Removes oily and waxy leather foods and waterproofs, removes stubborn stains, meets 1994 solvent legislation. (250ml)

All reinstate the smell of leather.

As correctly pointed out by some 928ers it is not just a matter of 'splash on and forget'. All the people I contacted said it requires the heat of the hand and finger massaging to get the best results. The more elbow grease and regular application gives the best results.

The specialists also said the method of wrapping glad-wrap around the leather after application would greatly assist in opening the pores and will increase the leathers' quality. A weekly maintenance application is always required.

On restoration of leather dash and other interior section follow up lead me to;

  • Classic Coachworks
    14A Hearne St. Mortdale (originally in Oatley)

Contact is Jim Kolesnljk (spelling maybe incorrect) on 02 9533 6565.

I spent a lot of time on the phone with him and he has restored many 928 dashes and internal trims including leather steering wheel and gear shift boots & knobs.

Classic Coachworks do most of the 'recolouring/matching' leather work in Sydney (Rolls, Bentley and European Cars). I got good vibes from my discussions with Jim, so I am visiting him on-site and I am taking my digital camera with me.

A couple of technical points.

  1. Dash leather on 928 is only 0.8mm thick. People usually try recovering with 1mm but this is asking for problems - like it won't fit back in... Argh!!

  2. Leather dashes demand at least weekly maintenance especially down at the windscreen points and around the heater vents.

Classic Coachworks have a range of custom 'colour matched to your interior' maintenance products. I will find out more and keep you all up to date.

Cheers. Grahame, '83 928S SlateBlauMetallic


I have had good results with a British product called Gliptone Liquid Leather. It was most effective on the less dry areas, though I must say that all the leather has got softer with time. I last used it about a year ago, having used a bottle intermittently over a year.

I really should use it more often. The last of the bottle was slopped all over the seats and then wrapped in 'Plastic Wrap' for a week (apparently a Rennlist recommendation).

It looked a little strange with the passenger seat wrapped up while I drove to Melbourne by myself but it seemed even more effective with a bit of heat applied. (It was summer.) Note that the recommended system is 'a little amount applied often' but that can get a little tedious or strange if you are always massaging your seats. Mind you, a vibrating applicator may be effective. Seriously! Stop those thoughts!

The best thing is the smell, it is close to that of leather, far more so that most other products such as Connolly Leather Food. The website is

StuRat used 'Leatherique' and was quite happy.

Meguiars have a product as well. I just did a search and a whole range of leather care products are visible at

Keep us all posted, you may well find something new and we would all be interested.

Otto Mellor

I have heard that 'Fibrenew'are coming to Brisbane very soon. They are a Canadian outfit that restores and redyes leather etc. They are one of the few that has FAA clearance for restoration of Aircraft cabin fittings and furniture. They have been doing work for Air NZ and Ansett for a few years now.

The restoration process looks extremely good.

Regards, Peter Cooper

I recently bought a bottle of the Gliptone leather conditioner (not the restorer) and as Otto says, the smell is terrific and the product certainly seems to keep the leather soft.

The Victorian Distributor is JAGDAIM in Moorabbin Victoria ph: 03 9553  0333 who will post to anywhere in Australia. Worth a try.

Roger Holding '86 928S, Geelong

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