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White Gold

539 Weissgold Metallic
A silver base with subtle gold brown elements for a very rich appearance. The color appears to change, dependent on lighting, from the warmer elements to the more silver and is a darn hard color to describe (and I'm an artist by trade).

Porsche called this color, I believe, "Weissgold Metallic" - "WeiBgold" in German - POR 539, which would perhaps translate as white-gold or silver-gold.

I any event, there are moments when one would call it silver, but a glance at the silver wheels indicates immediately that it is not silver but a warmer tone. Multiple clear coats were applied by the factory.

This was a bit of a special shark in that it was ordered (although a 1985 S, which all had the front and rear black spoilers in place) with no drill marks and no spoilers for the cleanest look possible. - Patric McMenamin

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