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622 - Quartz Grey Metallic

Hello! And greetings from Finland
You asked in your great website for pictures about the missing colour model 662, Quartz Grey metallic.

My '83 928S is that colour. My shark has now run about 210,000 km. I bought it last Autumn and it's my first Porsche. It's now early Summertime here in Finland, and after a very long Winter, it's great to let German Horses run freely!

In the future, my Shark will need new engine mounts and 1'st and 2'nd gear resynchronisation (5 speed manual), well, good tasks for next Winter. - Rauno Päivinen '83S 3/6/2003

662-quartzgrey83-paivine01.jpg (95107 bytes)
662-quartzgrey83-paivine02.jpg (84429 bytes)

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