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CAR & DRIVER July 1996

Jeez, you don't see many Perlglanz Porsche 928s anymore, huh?

Almost 19 years after it first appeared on the sports-car scene, the final US-Legal Porsche 928 rolled off the line and found its way not so promptly to an American showroom. At $184,938 with luxury tax, it's somewhat expensive.

Option-wise, it's somewhat weird. For starters, there's the metal-flake "Perlglanz" green paint ($2664), plus 20 additional liters of the stuff in case you suffer a shopping-cart ding at Kroger. Inside, you will likely notice the green leather seats ($24,817), not to mention (and we'd rather not) the custom-matched violet leather trim.

The latter is extensive, covering the steering wheel ($1315), the instrument pod ($1899), the door handles ($408), various air-vent surrounds ($1477), the seat-adjustment switches and ring plates ($1074), the loudspeaker trim rings ($832), the ashtray covers ($272), and, well, about 16 other items that you don't usually see slathered in violet and lavender and lilac cow skins.

If the would-be owner wants to replace the custom deep-pile plum carpet, there's an extra 20 meters in the trunk, plus six spare green-and-light-blue leather hides in case Billy Gibbons rudely stubs out a cigarette on a seat bolster (spare cow skins are part of a $22,410 option).

Finally, there are the, ah, purple seatbelts. These are costly ($9095), because the seatbelt supplier had to dye one entire roll of webbing.

Go ahead and describe it as gaudy, but remember that the very first 928s that came to America were fitted with psychedelic-checkerboard upholstery.

As we write this, the car depicted here is still for sale at one of this country's most interesting (and maybe bravest) dealerships: Champion Porsche in Pompano Beach, Florida."

Anybody know what the option codes are for some of the above items?

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