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928 Wheels & Tyres

This extensive article has been researched and produced by Landshark member Phil Chadwick. It'll go a long way to help you search for the right wheel and tyre combination for your shark.

Many thanks Phil - Leonard Zech, Website Coordinator.

Phil Chadwick, August 2011

This article is getting really dated, with tyre types and prices mostly a distant memory, though some of the information on things like sidewall flex, and user comments will remain pretty timeless.

I absolutely love the Conti Sport Contact N1 on my GT, but they are quite expensive, wear out fast, and are increasingly hard to source.

These days Toyo Proxes T1R offer one of the very best value equations for any 928 owner with 16" wheels - Phil Chadwick.

New Wheels for Your 928
In 'New Wheels for Your 928', I have documented the journey I made when shopping for new wheels. It gathers input from a range of sources including quite a number of knowledgeable and genuinely helpful 928 enthusiasts. I hope it provides enough information for the reader to avoid pitfalls and make informed decisions about fitting wheels to their Porsche 928. - Good luck, Phil Chadwick.

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'New Wheels for your 928'

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Updated December 2011
Updated August 2006
Updated June 2006

Updated September 2004

928 Offsets

Martin wrote: I have located a set of 17" rims off a C2 Cab (which I believe have suitable offsets for the 928)
Mark wrote: Sorry, but this is not likely - check very carefully. You need 65mm at the front... Don't believe the guys that say that they are all the same!

Hi Martin and Mark,
It's worth noting that 'standard' front offsets are 65mm for everything except the Club Sport which has 60mm. So, even Porsche were willing to go below 65mm on the front of the 928....

I have made a point of asking every person I found with "non-standard" front offsets if they experienced any problems (instability, tram-lining, etc.).

Many did. I have a few dozen data points collected from three continents over quite a long time. I have reached my conclusions from these data slowly.

All the complaints came in at less than 55mm. Everyone at 55mm and above was happy. Quite a few, *very* happy. In addition, 928 International posted to Rennlist on the subject. They recommend, and use 55mm front offsets on their own personal cars, and they claim to have large numbers of happy customers with their (rather nice looking) 55mm offset wheels.

Front end stability is likely to be impacted by many things other than offset, like tyre choice and wear in the various front end components. I expect that these things compound, so a 55mm offset on a "dodgy" front end may cause noticeable problems.

My view is that I would always prefer to have the 'factory' 65mm offset wheels and would absolutely insist on that if paying full price.

On the other hand, 65mm offset wheels are specific to the 928. To get the 'factory' spec, you can buy a wheel made specially for a 928 or you can make one from a 3-piece wheel. These are both relatively expensive options. If I wanted new front wheels and got offered 911/Boxster wheels that I liked with 55mm offsets at the right price, I would probably take them (preferably on approval).

I would NOT go under 55mm in any circumstances.
Regards, Phil Chadwick


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