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Window Felt Stop Replacement

Many thanks to the Queensland Charter and Ray Barton for providing this 'how to'.

Thanks also to Rick Heaney for providing the following Door Trim Removal 'how to' article in PDF.

1.Lower window.
Download the Remove Door Trim 'how to' PDF.

2. Lift lower internal window seal and lay it to the inside. It does not need to be removed.

3. Thread a wire through one of the (hollow) felts to avoid it dropping. [felt stop - 928 537 085 03]

4. Remove felt stop bolt (5mm allen key) (smaller in earlier model) be careful lifting it out - use a magnet or grease.

5. Remove felt by pushing it down while holding with the wire. Lift it out. (the felt sits under its attaching bracket)

6. Thread strong wire through both sides of felts and insert back under bracket.

7. Position against window and lift up to underside of bracket.


8. Apply lock thread to bolt and tighten bolt onto bracket (use grease to avoid bolt falling)

9. Reattach lower internal window seal.

10. Reattach door trim.

Thanks to Ray Barton for photos and text. 
July 2005


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