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To Decode the VIN

WPO = World Manufacturer code (West Germany, Porsche).

ZZZ = filler for Rest of the World (RoW) models (US models have something called a VDS code here).

'nn' = first two digits of the model designation.

Z = filler.

M = model year (series begins. A=1980 (chassis numbers).

B=1981 (first year of VIN code), etc and omits "I" and "O". 2000=0 (zero), 2001=1 etc).

S = place of manufacture (Stuttgart).

8 = third digit of model designation. 4 = model sub-type (eg in the 80s, "4" designated the RoW mainstream 928S/S4 model and "6" the USA, Japan and Canada model.

0001 = car's serial number.

Glenn Evans '80 928 'S' look, 5 speed


Some addenda for 'To Decode the VIN':

1. For those early cars which pre-date Porsche model year 1981:

  • Example: 9289100870 928 = type, 9 = 1979, 1 = 4.5ltr [2 in USA, Japan],  0 = coupe body style and (0)870 = serial number in that year

2. For those cars with VINs commencing "WPO":

  • Same as documented below by Glenn .. except that the model year letters I, O and Q were not used; so B=1981 through to S=1995.

Phil Chadwick


928 Australia 2012