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Sunroof Adjustment

Since I bought the shark I have had problems with the sunroof scratching and not quite sealing properly.

It was both not sitting up far enough to seal from the rain and not coming down far enough to clear the roof properly when opened ending in harsh scratching of the paint on the sunroof panel.

A perplexing problem to say the least as I figured any adjustment to raise the panel to ensure a weather seal would surely make the scratching problem worse.

I finally found out how it really works and how easy it is to adjust.

Philip Eskildsen has this brief response to my exact problem detailing how easy it is to fix in a matter of minutes.

From: Philip Eskildsen

I had the same problem. The roof panel has full adjustment at all four corners for position both height and location.

Open roof all the way.

  1. The inner leather panel is held in by a trim strip that is now exposed. Remove 3 (or was it four) screws that hold the strip, pull strip off and leather panel forward and out.

  2. Close roof all the way.
  3. Get into car, look up and see the four adjustment screws for height/levelling. (for/aft location is via shimmed screws)
  4. Adjust level of roof so that it is at or slightly below level of surrounding body.
  5. Check function to make sure it doesn't rub when opened or closed.
  6. Reopen roof, replace leather inner panel and hold-down strip.
  7. Touch-up and rub out scratches.

Good luck. I did this and no more scratches!

It turns out that when the panel is adjusted up and tight in that position the sunroof rails have enough pull to bring in down far enough to clear properly when opening. Sounds weird but when you see the mechanism when the leather panel is removed it is easy to see why it works like that.

If you are just beginning to see minor scratches on the sunroof attend to it now - 20 minutes is all it took from start to finish. Much better that ending up with the level of scratching that I have on my sunroof panel.

Just as well it was a sunny day at the Flemington Concours and I was able to leave the sunroof open during the judging :-)

Anyway, I hope that this may assist anybody else with a similar problem.

Regards Rick H., '86 Meteor Metallic Auto - Melbourne

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