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Spares and Tools Suite

I've bought my shark and am gradually learning about it. But I hear strange rumours of 'things'.

Someone keeps a spare fuel pump in the glovebox, someone else keeps an inflatable doll in the glovebox, yet a third person keeps their inflatable doll in the back, and I wonder, 'What is a good suite of spares and inflatable dolls to carry in the Shark?'

This collected wisdom of late 2003 has the items arranged alphabetically within each section, rather than in order of criticality. We'll have a shot at that later. While the 928 is a better load-carrier than all other Porsche cars (think about it), you're not going to fit it all in at once unless you deflate those dolls. Especially the Momma Cass one.


  • Belts - full set consisting of...
  • Air pump belt
  • Aircon compressor belt
  • Power steering pump belt
  • Alternator belt
  • Brake fluid.
  • Distilled water for topping up cooling system
  • Fuel pump
  • Fuel pump relay
  • Fuses
  • Globes
  • Hoses (radiator bottom)
  • Hoses (radiator upper) Hoses (heater)
  • Lubricants


These (or at least a subset) could be stored in a "big box" attached with adhesive-backed velcro to the floor mat in the rear.

  • Car blanket (for laying under while removing the rear pump guard!)
  • Chamois
  • Cloth and miscellaneous rags
  • Disposable gloves
  • Driver's manual
  • Epoxy 2 part
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Fuel pump socket (6mm - ???)
  • Fuel pump terminals (7mm)
  • Garbags (for flat tyre)
  • Good tow rope - big diameter, soft
  • Halogen bicycle lantern
  • Hand cleaner & small towel; also a small packet of 'Wet Ones'
  • Jumper leads, high capacity (for the other guy)
  • Roll out set of tools
  • Screwdrivers
  • Simple relay replacement flex wire with switch;
  • Socket set (good metric) incl. at least the following:
  •  8mm
  • 10mm
  • 13mm
  • 17mm
  • 19mm
  • and possibly also a 36mm tube spanner for removing/installing
  • Pre-pump
  • Spanners open-end
  • Spanner (socket) with extensible handle for undoing wheel nuts
  • Spare key
  • Spare tyre pump at least 250kPa pressure.
  • Special key for lockable wheel nuts
  • Switch to test circuits
  • Tape - insulation
  • Tape - gaffer
  • Tools for electrical wiring and termination
  • Torch
  • Tube of hand cleaner & small towel;
  • Tyre pressure gauge;
  • Tyre tube valve remover dust cover.

First Aid Kit

Should include at least:

  • Anti-histamines
  • Painkillers
  • Anti-inflamatories
  • Bandages
  • Isotonic saline, for eye wash
  • Non stick pads
  • Big tube of antiseptic cream

Other Items

  • Bags
  • Blanket including space blanket
  • Hats/Caps/Sunscreen/Warm Jacket.
  • Inflatable dolls: Britney Spears, Madonna, Dipl. Ing Ferry Porsche (our hero) etc.
  • Maps
  • Mobile phone, RAC/NRMA phone number & cab voucher.
  • Pillows (few)
  • Spare money squirreled away somewhere
  • Wire
  • Tow bar & trailer to put all this stuff in.
  • Wines: sparkling, shiraz, reds, whites.
  • Another car for your passenger or buy another shark, one to drive and one to carry all the tools! :)

Do Not Post Dangerous Goods or Carry Them in Your Shark

And finally, why you should NOT carry a can of WD40, tempting though it may be.

Get rid of the pressurised can of WD40. I have seen the results of a pressurised can explode on a hot day and believe me it was not a pretty sight. Can in back of wagon embedded in rear of seat back. Thankfully no one sitting in that seat at the time, plus rear screen gone. Yeah I know. It won't happen to me! Well it did. Thankfully not the Shark but the Forester. Hope readers heed this message.

As an aside to this I can't remember ever being in a situation on the road in the last 20 years where having a can of WD40 would have made any difference ...

Many thanks for their contributions to the usual suspects: Glenn Evans, Phil Chadwick, Leonard Zech, Langdon Stevenson, Darren Fritzsch, Tim Cusack, John Humphrey, Trevor 'Ozshark', Shane Navin for the cautionary tale, and Bruce Wilson for preparing the original spreadsheet which made this list so much easier.

David Williams, '84 928S Grand Prix Weiss

Please note: these comments are the writer's personal opinions. I take no responsibility nor give any kind of warranty as to the accuracy of the statements included on these pages. The information in Tech Tips is based on the extensive experience of Porsche specialists and owners who drive, service and even race their 928. Although this information is generally considered 'best practice' niether 928 Australia, Landsharkoz or the Webmaster will accept any liability for such information, or, for any use to which it is put. If you have doubts about a specific point, or if you have any questions, you should consult your Porsche specialist or post a question on the Landshark mailing list. - Leonard Zech, Webmaster.

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