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Fuel smell in the car

For any other Sharksters that have experienced the smell of fuel in the cabin - this may help.

Since buying the shark there had been a reasonably strong fuel smell in the cabin for about the first 100km's each time I filled the tank, leading me to think that there may have been a crack in the tank around the filler pipe area or something like that.

I checked the carbon canister under the drivers side mudguard just in case and replaced the broken "T" connector. Fuel smell still remained .. B*gger!

The cause turned out to be that the fuel gauge sender unit (which goes in through the top of the tank) was not tight. The unit is in a slight hollow in the top of the tank with a large plastic screw down ring around it.

This resulted in a little fuel seeping out around the top of the sender unit after filling the tank and gathering around it in the small hollow around it.

As this unit is accessed from under the carpet in the luggage area (covered with a large rubber disc cover under the white protective matting) the fumes from this small weeping of fuel was entering the cabin. After about 100km's the fuel would seep back in and the smell would go away.

Simple Solution:
Undo the screwdown ring, lift and clean the area where the sender unit sits in the tank and secure the unit in again. Problem solved.


  • Take all precautions necessary when working with fuel in the area. Make sure that you do not clean the area with water or other such stupid stuff when around your fuel system.

  • If you are at all unsure of what you are doing or do not have the mechanical ability to do the job have your mechanic take a look at it for you.

  • Use your own brain to keep yourself safe and your car in good repair.

Hope this helps.

Regards, Rick Heaney, '86 Meteor Metallic Auto - Melbourne

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