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Battery Conditioners

From Phil: The UK 928 list people seem pretty keen on battery conditioners for infrequently used cars, especially the one sold here: At 34.99 GBP each plus 20.00 GBP package and post, they are not cheap.

Anyone using a battery conditioner in Australia? What type? Are they more appropriate to cold climates?

Hello all with battery issues,

Our cars are restricted in size by the battery box as to what battery will fit Basically a DIN66 (DIN65L) Right hand positive post 275 x 175 x 175 or 190 high.

The Projecta AC250 1.6 Amp trickle charger will compensate for small off key drains or parasitic loads. Small loads are normal in modern cars due to computer memory etc.vary in price from AUD$49 - 69.

Another good multi stage charger is the CTEK 3600 will recover many batteries from the dead, but don't tell the public. At Repco for AUD$139.

Cars used less frequently will also suffer from battery self discharge, a normal lead acid will self discharge over a three month period. Calcium Calcium construction will reduce self discharge to a six month period however is much harder to recovery charge after that length of time due to high internal resistance. We have been importing a Varta German made after market battery with calcium silver alloyed plates very low self discharge curve and high current recharge, the same product is badge engineered from Century as a Bosch Silver (not the Bosch sold through Supercheap Auto) two year warranty RSP $229 We have also started to import an AGM (absorbed glass mat electrolyte) , fully sealed, US manufactured DIN66 RSP $320 being sealed & no maintenance makes it ideal for a buried battery (un der inflatable wheel ish placed) or for track work.

The solar solution of a small panel is fine if you have some sunlight to place it in. Projecta SP100 they are a 100mA amorphorus panel which will produce about 1 Amp a day however if that battery is discharged it will not be enough to recover only to maintain a charged battery.

You know the sweetest solution is to drive your 928 daily! - Chris Drysdale '86 S2 Auto GPW.



As any boat owner (like Eddy Sain) will tell you, lead acid batteries need to be kept charged.

Allowing one to fully discharge considerably reduces the service life. Lead/acid batteries will last a long time if kept in good condition.

I use a unit that I purchased from the local 'Battery World'. It cost me around AUD$70. I have three. One for Car, Boat and Home 12 volt backup.

Not as fancy as the one on the 'carcoon' site but it has a simple plug-in plug-out connector and is supplied with both alligator clips and eye connectors on the very short permanent lead.

Peter advised me on a good battery for the 928 (and the other stuff) and since then everything works first go.

Part number is AC250B. If you want more info. call or EMAIL Peter at Battery World Caringbah 02 952 0823 - Regards, Paul '81S Sydney


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