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Wally Plumley Relay Bypass

Another Rennlist gem from Wally Plumley. A $10 (short term) replacement for every relay you are ever going to break.

Go to your local hardware store, or Jaycar and purchase:

  1. One metre of two-conductor stranded wire, as is used to connect a table lamp to a power point.

  2. Two male 'spade connectors', which are the flat male electrical connectors.

  3. One single-pole, single-throw toggle switch, automotive style.


  • Attach the switch to one end of the lamp wire. Attach the spade connectors to the other end of the lamp wire.

  • Tape the switch so that the connections can't short to the car.

  • Remove the, ie: dud fuel relay.

  • Insert one connector into terminal 15 in the socket.

  • Insert one connector into terminal 87 in the socket.

  • Flip the switch 'ON' and crank the car.

  • Flip the switch 'OFF' after you turn the ignition off.

  • Order a new relay!

Keep the relay by-pass in the glove box, not in your tool box. You'll need it again some day. - Wally Plumley, 928 Specialists

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