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Fibrenew Leather Restoration Seat Restoration
Project 94' 928 GTS

The front seats in the car were showing their age. I discovered a franchise called Fibrenew which claimed it could make worn and faded leather look new again. I gave them a try and the results was quite impressive.

Before Leather Treatment
cracked-cushion-2.jpg (46202 bytes)

The wrinkles and cracks have been filled, and the surface re-coloured. The piping was also repaired on the right-hand side of the driver's seat. The work was done professionally and the appearance after treatment was as close to new as you would ever get it...a nice piece of work!

After Leather Treatment
seat-after.jpg (23241 bytes)

I am impressed with what the Fibrenew Gold Coast Shop did. - Barry Kelly '94 GTS

928 Australia 2011