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Landsharkoz, home of the Porsche 928 in Australia
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Steve Allerding

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Beverley Edmunds

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Clemens and Wilma Hoitink
Olive Green (274)

Dear Leonard,
Let me introduce myself. I'm Clemens Hoitink and my wife is Wilma Staal. We live in Holland and for years we are real fans of the 928. We own a '78 928. It's Olive Green (colour 0274) and when I was looking at the internet I found your site (via links from European and US-sites). I've sent a  picture of my 928 as there was an request for pictures of olive green 928's. As we really like the 928 we are also interested in other 928 owners and other 928's (even when it's in Australia) we have joined the landshark list.

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Chris Zaphiropoulos

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928 Australia 2012