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Douglas Valley Breakers Pty Ltd

May I take this opportunity to introduce myself. I'm Steve Strange one of the two directors of UK based company Douglas Valley Breakers Ltd.

Our company started back in 1992 offering used Porsche Parts to the UK and Europe market. We selectively purchase accident damaged Porsche cars from UK based insurance companies then offer used parts to both private and trade customers.

As part of our expansion project we have just opened our Australian office based in Perth, Western Australia and would be very interested in offering any of our services to Landshark list members and subscribers.

  • Are you struggling to locate obsolete Porsche parts?

  • Are you struggling to purchase Porsche parts that are on back order or currently unavailable?

  • Loosing valued customers due to the high running costs of older Porsche cars?

Douglas Valley Breakers UK Ltd are currently dismantling over 750 Porsche vehicles from the humble 924 to the latest 997. Most models of Porsche vehicles are available for Spare Parts.

Douglas Valley Breakers UK Ltd was established back in 1992 when the Porsche 964 was just a baby, so with over sixteen years of selling used Porsche parts we know our stuff. If it's on the Porsche PET system we probably have that model available for Spare Parts.

Douglas Valley Breakers UK Ltd are now open for business here Perth, Western Australia with it's sister company, Douglas Valley Breakers Pty Ltd.

Mb: +61 (0) 448 657 628
Fax: +61 (08) 9304 6954
E-mail: Stephen Strange
E-mail: Captain Steve

928 Australia 2012