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Tips for buying a 928

Buying checklist
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The following checklist represents in large part all the items that an informed buyer should check on any car they are considering buying. Some of these items will be less important to you than others, but knowing what needs replacing or repairing will put you in a stronger bargaining position if you are interested in the car.

Shop around

We would strongly recommend that if you have doubts about any of the mechanical aspects of a particular car, that you walk away from the car.
Drive more than one.

If you are considering buying a 928, if possible we suggest that you drive as many 928s as you can which will give you an opportunity both to compare the different models, and to find out what a good 928 looks and drives like.

Colour and value

In the end your choice should come down to colour and value for money, and not to condition. Remember you will have to look at it on the drive for years so don't get something you cant stand. That includes the interior. If you can't afford a good S4, then start looking for an S2 rather than get a bad S4.

The engineering of the 928 makes them one of the best sports grand tourers available but also means that they need regular and timely maintenance to keep them in good condition, both before you buy the car and after. 

The Porsche 928 was from its very beginning a precision-engineered car that could more than double the legal speed limit at a time when many standard road cars couldn't reach 160 kph and that performance depends on the precise functioning of all the components. You wouldn't expect to be able to run a Ferrari on Hyundai money so why would you therefore expect to run a 928, which is just as much of a performance car, any cheaper, simply because it's relatively cheap to buy? That said, if you buy a good one, you should not have any surprise bills for a long time.

Independent check

When you have found your ideal 928, then we strongly recommend that you take the car to a 928 specialist for a pre-purchase check. If there is no 928 specialist close to where you live, then all of the official Porsche dealers and many of the independent Porsche garages offer pre-purchase inspections, which will give you a further insight into the condition of your prospective purchase. Also, ask the specialist to give you a costing of all the remedial work they find during the inspection, which will give you a good idea of some of the costs involved in restoring and maintaining your purchase in full working condition. You will have a list of all your projects for the next year. Don't expect any 928 to be perfect. Check with the landshark list whether problems found are common and easy to fix or nasty and expensive.


If you buy from an enthusiast, chances are the car will have been well looked after, and you will have the comfort of a stack of service bills to know what has and has not been done to the car. When buying a car privately, it is a good idea to assess the owner. Have an informal friendly chat with the seller (or with the last owner of record if buying from a dealer), to discover what type of person they are.

928 Australia - Pre Purchase Assessment Form.

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